João André Seco

João Seco is an industrial designer and a project creative leader with 12 years experience defining and implementing design 
and uncovering new product opportunities. Worked extensively as a design consultant in Europe, United States and Asia for large multi-national companies to create industry leading product experiences.
Clients include Philips, Nike, Under Armour, HP, Bowers and Wilkins, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi Aventis and McLaren.

João is always fascinated by design and technology merging together to create new and better products that connect people with brands through compelling and memorable experiences.

He is continuously working to outline and execute ground breaking projects that involve multi-disciplinary teams and competences, such as Mechanical/Structural Engineering, Systems 

Engineering, Software Engineering, Analytics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Design Research, Human Factors, CMF, Prototyping, Testing, Data Collection and Bio Telemetry, among others.
He  currently works as an Industrial Design lead at McLaren Applied Technologies, and side by side with technical leads, he has played a major role in helping to integrate and to develop technology with a user focus in a variety of design projects that support McLaren's partnerships with leading companies in the Consumer, Medical, Transport and Energy sectors. He also enjoys to work on personal projects from time to time and to collaborate with interesting companies and people.

João has a diverse work and life experience that he brings to each project - Studied Industrial Design in the Technical University of Lisbon, and has lived and worked in Portugal, Netherlands, United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.
...and likes having a good idea once in a while.
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